Kansas City Paranormal

Kansas City Paranormal

Friday, June 21, 2013

In The Eyes of a 14 Year Old Paranormal Investigator .............................. By Katy Turbiville/ KCP Junior Investigator/ Equipment Tech

                               Being a 14 year old who's involved in the spiritual world is rough. But someone who can sense and hear spirits like I can it would probably be hard for them too. I've had lots of experience with the paranormal and I can personally say there is evil out there. But the evil that is out there is definitely over dominated by the good that's out there. There's actually a lot to know about the spiritual world that people don't know, and that's why most people do ghost hunts.
                               I've been asked several times if I have ever found the answer to mysteries  like "is there a Heaven or Hell", and I have had one answer to that question. I simply asked (on ghost box): "Say one if Heaven and Hell are two different thing or say two if They're connected together and is on Earth along with us." I got an instant response saying "two." But their are many other mysteries to be unveiled.  And they will soon be unveiled.
                                I've  also been  asked this particular question many times. They always ask me: "Have you ever came across any demonic spirits?" I always answer the same every time: "I have came across them in many ways, I've been scratched and growled at, but that's just about it." Most people don't understand that you shouldn't mess with demonic entities without help from a professional. I've said many times that if a demonic entity is in your household you need to contact a priest.
                                Some people say that it's too dangerous for a 14 year old to do what some people call ghost hunting. But I say that it's perfectly safe because I know what I'm doing when I do this because my aunt has taught me how to ghost hunt  and she's been teaching me since I was 10. I know all about equipment and how to fix it, I also know how to protect myself from anything ever following me home. I've never been in danger while ghost hunting and probably never will. The team and I usually ground and use prayers of protection and Saint Micheal's prayer  at the beginning and the end of all investigations to protect ourselves and the people who live there.
                                 I personally think that going on investigations help people find out what they've been hearing and seeing is good or evil, and if it's evil we help them get rid of it. I really think that this is fun because when we go to historical places we learn the history behind what has been happening there, and we learn the story of peoples deaths. When you listen to evidence that you've received from an investigation it basically tells a story. A story that can either be heart breaking or happy. If you want to ever be on a ghost hunting team I would definitely recommend it.
Katy Turbiville/KCP Junior investigator/Equipment tech.